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Friends of Kern, Inc. was established as a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to maintaining contact with friends and alumni of YMCA Camp Kern, preserving Camp Ozone & Camp Kern's history, and perpetuating the camp experience and life's work of former Boys' Secretary Carl B. Kern.
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JUNE 11TH, 2004

Wrapup and Pictures

- - - - - - - - - -

From: John Neff
Subject: Upcoming events
Date: Thu, June 3, 2004 12:02 pm

Hey Stu -

Sorry for the quick notice, but thought folks would like to hear about these upcoming events:


Friday, June 11th is the official dedication of the Kesling Radio station/Media Center at Camp Kern. Yes, that's right - Radio is returning to Camp! As you may have heard, Bob Kesling got a special 50th B-day present which many Kern alumni helped make possible. Thanks to Bob's wife Tami and others including Jack Singerman, donations were made in honor of Bob's 50th to resurrect Kern's illustrious broadcasting history.

The event is open to all Kern alumni (families are welcome). After the 6:30pm dedication, there will be a BBQ dinner.

Contact Jen Frey at Camp Kern for further information: (513) 932-3756

Hope to see you there!

- - - - - - - - - -

From: Mike Sprout
Subject: Re: Upcoming events
Date: Mon, June 7, 2004 7:43 am

Dear Stu,

It was a thrill to see the notice for the dedication of the Kesling Radio station/Media Center. As an eyewitness to the original station, I can attest that "Ernie" was definately the force of personality behind its founding and deserves the recognition. I believe Ern would agree though that accollades also belong to his good buddy, Todd Lecklider, the real genius behind the tubes and wires that pushed the broadcast to cabin 16 and beyond. Without Todd, there would not have been a WKRN. If it hasn't already been done, please see that someone mentions this on Friday.

Thanks for keeping me posted on all things Kern. I am in awe of the commitment of you and so many others-


Mike Sprout
Sarasota, FL

- - - - - - - - - -

From: David P Kesling
Subject: media ctr dedication
Date: Mon, June 14, 2004 10:23 pm

Here's some pix from Saturday's dedication ceremony...

- - - - - - - - - -

From: John Neff
Subject: WKRN dedication pics
Date: Thu, June 24, 2004 10:51 am

Stu -

Sorry about my lateness, but attached are a few more photos from the Media Center Dedication & the "Old Dogs" BBQ.

Too bad we did not think to get a photo of the 'order of the oar' reinactment. I thought we did pretty good to manage 10 out of 50.

  • At the BBQ - [Bill Ritchie (Wally), Galen Emery, Mark Schaefer, Jeff Singerman (Turk), unidentified former camper or staff member on the spit, Bob Kesling, Jack Singerman, Mike Zimmerman, Dave Kesling (Ernie)]
  • At the BBQ - [Wally, Galen, Shafeer, Turk, John Neff, Bob, Jack, Mike, Ernie]
  • At the BBQ - [Jack, Bob, Mike, Ernie]
  • Dedication - [Bob, Jack, Tami Opferkuch Kesling]
  • Dedication - [Galen, Ernie, Bob, Tami, Jack]

- - - - - PRIOR COMMENTS ON WKRN - - - - -

From: John Wagner
Date: Thu, October 9, 2003 1:04 pm
Subject: RE: Welcomes, Birthdays, From Bill Savage & 'Weeney'

Hi everyone.

.... One more question???. Does anyone remember the radio station that used to be there next to the nature cabin in the late 60's as well?? Did that station actually broadcast a signal or was it just there for training or another reason??? Please help me out here...THX...John Wagner (Camper 69-75) (Staff 77-79...)

- - - - - - - - - -

From: David P. Kesling
To: stuart at
Date: Sun, October 12, 2003 12:39 am
Subject: Radio blah-blah

In answer to Mr. Wagner's query regarding the radio station at Kern... yes, WKRN was an actual, working AM radio station that transmitted during Rest Hour. Todd Lecklider built the transmitter and assorted chimps (myself included) ran music-oriented entertainment programs. When the wind was blowing just right, they could hear the signal in Village IV. Not bad for an antenna that was strung between a couple trees behind the Craft Shop.
The curious part about all this is: I had actually started out by simply making bizarre morning announcements for the Craft Shop and Jack Singerman somehow figured I was in cahoots with Lecklider and his radio project (was news to me, but I smiled and pretended I knew about it all along). That one mistaken free association by Jack has led me down the slippery slope from WKRN's Uncle Ernie Hour, through Ohio Wesleyan's WSLN-FM, Xenia's WELX, a number of years at WHIO Radio and now (to keep my hand in), a Saturday morning "hobby" at Lexington's 590 WVLK (checkout And I owe it all to Kern... and the realization that radio actually had some career potential whereas a) making lanyards at the Craft Shop did NOT b) feeding the electric eel in the Nature Cabin did NOT and c) sinking canoes and throwing scoopy-scungie seaweed on sailboaters from a speeding motorboat while laughing maniacally as Der Kanoe Kapitan did NOT... (btw, I'll neither confirm nor deny having painted the original skull and crossbones on the Canoe Shed)

Do not ever ask me about the Celebrity Donkey Basketball Game I participated in while working at WSWO-TV. Never.

David P. Kesling / Lexington KY

- - - - - - - - - -