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JUNE 4TH, 2003

Wrapup and Pictures

- - - - - - - - - -

From: "Tom Shisler"
Date: Fri, June 6, 2003 10:48 am
Subject: Re: Welcomes, Birthdays, Concert Report?

Hi Stuart,
Tom Shisler here. The Kim Richey concert was just what you would expect- great music and I chance to reunite with "old" Kern friends. I drove two hours to get there, only to find out the tickets were sold out. And this was after I have called the week before and been assured that would be plenty of ticket and to just come on down! Obviously there are a alot more Kim Richey fans then they thought...which is a good thing. As I pleaded with the guy at the check in, Amy (Root) DeMario came to my defense. But to no avail, as the guy had a black heart of stone. Next to the rescue was John Neff. As I talked with John, a continuing line of concert rejects began to grow. After a few more attempts to convince the check in guy that I really was a friend of Kim's, myself and the others ticket-less were banish to the entrance way to wait our chance to gain access to the realm of the true ticket holders. As I enjoyed the music of Will Kimbrough (from the other side of a partition), an angel of mercy appeared with a cool refreshment to ease my parched spirit.(thanks John!). The faithful who waited were at last rewarded with passage to the great hall and a chance to gaze upon object of our quest...Kim! Also, in attendance were the "Bradbury" sisters, Deb and Kathy and Greg Aldredge (who was just happy to be out of the house!) The evening was fill with great music, a mini-ranch reunion, a Rolling Rock revival, and a chance to catch up with members of our Kern family. John's wife capture some of the moments on digital there might be some incriminating evidence out there?? All in all I think we would all agree that it was one of the best times we have had and reinforces just how strong the Kern bond is. A big thanks to Kim for coming to town and sharing her incredible talent and wonderful personality with all of us. It was great to see everyone again and I look forward to the next opportunity. By the way, the closest Kim will be to Ohio again is on Friday, July 18,2003 in Pittsburgh, PA. Road trip anyone?????????


- - - - - - - - - -

From: John Neff
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2003 17:10:52 -0400
Subject: Canal Street report & photos

Stuart -

The Kern blood was strong & flowing this past Wednesday at the Canal Street Tavern in Dayton. Kim was in fine form & spent a lot of time mingling with those in attendance before & after the show. Songs were mainly from the current CD. Encore song was "I'm alright" with most of the audience singing along. Kim's band was way cool too. Will Kimbrough, guitar player in Kim's band opened the show with some solo songs. (I can't remember their names now, but the drummer & guy on stand-up bass were hot too!)

Greg Aldredge brought a few photos from staff banquet circa 1979, which brought back a few memories for some of us. In addition, Amy (Root) Dimario, Steve Kline, Tommy 'T' Shisler, Deb (Bradbury) Wright and Jeff Haines (Ranch staffer early 80's) were in attendance.

Tommy T drove in from Lancaster, OH. He had called earlier in the week to get a ticket but they told him that there were plenty of tickets left & it would be OK to just buy one at the door. Upon arrival at Canal Street, Tom found out that the show was sold out! I bought Tom a beer while he waited outside to see if they would sell him a standing room ticket. Fortunately, the music spirits & "Mick, the merciful" who owns Canal St. intervened & Tom got in along with a few others.

Somewhat Kern related, Cinda PInkerton, also snuck in with one of the last few tickets purchased. She works for Miami County Parks & Rec. as I recall??? She knows Kern from 101 & also has been (no pun intended) instrumental in bringing the Banana Slugs back to the Miami Valley in recent years to play a few gigs. Another person, who I can't remember now, was sitting behind the Kern gang. We all got to talking & found out she had been director of Camp Joy in the early 80's. What a small camping world.

All in all, pretty fun for "school" night.

Well Stu - that is the short version - I hope some of the others have a better memory than me & can fill in some other tid-bits.

I am attaching a few photos I took, hopefully we can post them on the FOK website? -- John E. Neff