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Virtual World Premier: February 2, 2008

The Movie:
"A Day in the Life of Camp Kern"   (running time: 6 min 12 sec; size: 50 MB; no sound)

Starring: David Kesling and Galen Emery; with Eric Moll, Joe Archer, Jeff Davis, Mark Lecklider and several other unsuspecting staff and campers

Produced by: Eric Moll; Joe Archer

Directed by: Er Von Kes

Graphics by: Mark Lecklider

Initial release to limited screens: 1970

The Quotes:
From: Jeff Davis Subject: Re: Day in the Life Virtual World Premier Date: Sat, February 2, 2008 4:40 pm Stuart: Wow! What a time machine. Great! I remember making this but only saw it once, I think at staff banquet. There was no sound, right? Didn't have any on my computer, video taping has spoiled us so. Behind the scenes? I was supposed to get that baseball in my mouth for the line drive take. There have been times in life when I have been considered to have a pretty big mouth. But it was hard chomping down on that ball. Finally got it to stay put long enough to shoot the scene. I haven't opened that wide since, not even for the dentist. I believe I got the honor of being in that scene by being Athletic Director that year. The previous year I had pioneered Basketball as an activity. I wanted to play as much as possible and the activity was a hit. It WAS the summer of 1970, by the way. I got to staff training and it was announced that I was "promoted" to Athletic Director, moving onto the baseball field. Mac Otten was closing in on a Basketball scholarship at forward for the University of Toledo. I later saw him on TV playing Big Ten ball. He got to run the basketball activity that summer, due to my "promotion." Oh well, right field wasn't so bad . . . This was great. Is there anyway to post it where we can see it full screen? Everyone in it was in the best shape of their lives. Incredible, Jeff Davis

From: Galen Emery Date: Tue, February 5, 2008 1:38 pm Yes, it was 1970 and we had so much fun making the film. I can remember Ernie laughing throughout the entire filming process....