formerly Friends of Kern, Inc.
February 2002 - November 2010

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Friends of Kern, Inc. was established as a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to maintaining contact with friends and alumni of YMCA Camp Kern, preserving Camp Ozone & Camp Kern's history, and perpetuating the camp experience and life's work of former Boys' Secretary Carl B. Kern.
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6/77: Kent Barnheiser

6/77: Apache Night - Hillary Hyde, Kim Richey, Liz Wolf, Kathy Johnston, Debbie Bradbury

6/77: Apache Night - Debbie Bradbury

7/77: Western Night - Linda Scott, Doug Kessling, Greg Brendel, Brian Stolzenberger, Kim Richey

7/77: Western Night - Doug Kessling, Brian Stolzenberger, Greg Brendel

7/77: Village I River Overnight - Liz Wolf, Kim Richey, Debbie Bradbury

7/77: Debbie Bradbury

7/77: Lori Maxwell, Amy & Beth Barnheiser

7/77: Talent Show - Kim Richey, Doug Greenfield

7/77: Talent Show - Little Red, Brian Stolzenberger

7/77: Little Red - The Wolf, Jim Gogle

7/77: Little Red - The Mighty Woodsman, Rick Pitner

7/77: Little Red - Grandma, Mark Schaefer

7/77: Little Red - The Rescue, Jim Gogle, Rick Pitner, Brian Stolzenberger, Mark Schaefer

7/77: PV Presents - Jim Gogle, Rick Pitner, Brian Stolzenberger, John Wagner, Steve Bull, Mark Schaefer

7/77: PV Presents - Jim Gogle, Rick Pitner, Brian Stolzenberger, Mark Schaefer, John Wagner, Steve Bull

7/77: Talent Show - Doug Greenfield

8/77: Western Night - Vince Owens (throwing camper), Steve Kline

8/77: Western Night - Jeff Becker

8/77: Ranch Barn Dance - Lynn Arnold, Jane Root

8/77: Ranch Barn Dance - "Tommy T" Shisler

8/77: Ranch Mud Hike - Carla Pratt, camper Erin Dearie

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - "Huki-Lau" Susan Lowe

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - "16 Going on 17" Craig Jolley, Carla Pratt

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - "A Time for Us" Dale Stahl, Ann Spearow?

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - "Dust on My Saddle" Laura Huffman, Lynn Arnold, Terry Allen

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - "Tennessee Stud" Lynn Arnold, Charisse Coleman, Ann Spearow?

8/77: Ranch Hot-to-Trot Lounge - Laura Huffman, Ann Spearow?, Craig Jolley, Susan Lowe, Lynn Arnold, Charisse Coleman, Amy Reitman, Linda Scott, Carla Pratt

8/77: The Rustic Cabin - Kim Richey, Mark Wourms, Jane Root, Rick Pitner?, Judy Barnheiser, Jim Gogle, Craig Jolley, Terry Allen, John Neff, Hillary Hyde

Banquet - (B) Scott Burris, Doug Kessling, Kent Barnheiser, John Pinegar, Greg Brendel, Dave Hanselman, John Neff, Stuart Weinberg, Steve Kline; (F) Pete Bolmida, Vince Owens, Steve Bull

Banquet - (B) Kim Richey, Debbie Bradbury, Kathy Johnston; (F) Linda Scott, Hillary Hyde

Banquet - Amy Reitman, Ann Spearow?, Lynn Arnold, Judy & Kent Barnheiser

Banquet - Kim Richey, Brian Stolzenberger, Amy Reitman, Greg Brendel

Banquet - Patti Snyder, Mark Wourms, Judy Barnheiser (pink), Scott Burris, Carla Pratt?, Kim Richey

Banquet - "Tommy T" Shisler, Brian Stolzenberger, Doug Greenfield

12/16/77: Schaefer's - Dale Stahl, Brian Stolzenberger

12/16/77: Schaefer's - Stuart Weinberg, John Neff

12/16/77: Schaefer's - Jim Radt, Chris Wartinger, Doug Bassett, John Wagner, Jim Latsko

12/30/77: Laura Huffman, Ann Spearow?

12/30/77: Charisse Coleman

12/30/77: Amy Reitman, Craig Jolley, Jim Latsko

12/30/77: Dale Stahl

12/30/77: Jay Sieber

12/30/77: Doug Greenfield

12/30/77: Brian Stolzenberger

12/30/77: John (Wiggles) Wagner, Tim McGuinn, Doug Bassett

12/30/77: Terry Allen, Jim Latsko