From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...
Date: 11/03/2001 10:43pm

Hi everyone -

Some sad news to pass along which I received from Steve's brother, John... Steve ('Bull') was a camper from 1970 thru 1976 and on staff from 1977 thru 1981. He turned 40 on May 23rd.

Please feel encouraged to submit your memories and anecdotes - I'll collect them and post them on the alumni web site...

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Originally From: John Bull
Subject: Steve Bull...
Date: 11/03/2001 04:20pm

Steve passed away (in his sleep) on October 19. He had been fighting kidney failure along with his diabetes. The doctors had thought he had a heart attack in the spring but of course he would not believe the doctors. They were not sure just what caused his death but as far as were are concerned it was all of the above.

If I can give you any more info just let me know....

Take care...John Bull, Jr.

From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: From Debbie B. & Loaf
Date: 11/04/2001 02:11pm

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From: Debbie Barnheiser-Alston
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2001 22:54:15 EST
Subject: Re: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...

So sad. I remember Steve being solid, warm and fun. It was a pleasure to be his associate.

Debbie Barnheiser-Alston
(no relation)

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Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2001 06:55:02 EST
From: Dave "Loaf" Bredenfoerder
Subject: Re: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...

I am very saddened by the news of Steve Bull. Steve was in my cabin the first year I was a camper at Kern..cabin 10, Ted Velkoff was our counselor. It was only his second year as a camper, but I remember he sort of ran the cabin and I looked up to him because I was scared and it was my first year. I spent four years on staff with him from 1977 to 1981. I always remember him being full of life...and sarcasm. I haven't seen him since my days at Kern, but I have lots of great memories of him. I received this email in a internet cafe in Barcelona, Spain. My brother passed away in 2000 at the age of 34 (he was a camper at Kern also) and I realized then that life is such a precious commodity not to be wasted. I decided to travel and see the world and spend more time with those that I care about. My thoughts and prayers go to Steve's family.

Dave "Loaf" Bredenfoerder
camper 1971-1976, staff 1977-1981

From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: From Greg Aldredge & Dougie
Date: 11/05/2001 04:55pm

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Originally From: "Aldredge, Greg (GEAE, Elano)"
Subject: FW: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...
Date: 11/05/2001 11:07am


Hello...I'm caught so off-guard by this ...Steve and I had been
friends and roommates as you probably knew... the time passed and we
lost happens far too often with both friends and
family...I'm going to take a while to absorb this flood of emotion and
then I surely could fill the alumni web site with great bull
moments...but, so could everyone who knew him... That's what made
being his friend so special...

..Hope to see or hear from you soon... I've attended a few Indian
guide weekends with my son "Sam "... I can say that the "Old Kern
Blood" pumps with rich passion through my veins...There is a memory in
every square inch of that wondrous place...I can see the faces and
hear the sounds as if it were yesterday...

I'm at a great loss to say much else right now...

Greg Aldredge

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Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 12:56:08 -0800
From: doug greenfield
Subject: Re: cb-kern: From Debbie B. & Loaf

I am so grateful to this kern network ...Stuart bless your ever
spatualin heart...It is so important for me to be able to communicate
and provide support and feedback to the kern family...I am sending
prayers and lots of love to the Bull family in their time of loss
....I remember Steve being one hillarious torpedo bros and a big warm
teddy bear comfort to campers and friends.... and I agree these days
do provide me with great inspiration to "shower the people I love with
love"all the best...dougie d

From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: From Tami G. B.
Date: 11/06/2001 00:20am

Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2001 20:11:26 -0500
From: Mike and Tami Boehmer
Subject: Re: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bull. I have fond memories of Steve. I
remember him being a sweet, funny guy who always made
self-depreciating jokes about himself (like saying he lost his butt on
a fence). Hard to believe someone I worked with at camp passed away so
young. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Tami Greenfield Boehmer

From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: From Greg Aldredge about Bull
Date: 11/07/2001 10:15am

The following are excerpts about Bull that I received from Greg
Aldredge. Great to hear from you, Greg!!! - Stuart

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Originally From: "Aldredge, Greg"
Subject: RE: FW: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...
Date: 11/06/2001 04:06pm

Hello Stuart,

I could not sleep very well last night...The reason was good
though... I was recounting my past history with the old" Three
amigos" of Bull ,Pete Cade and myself (the third wheel freshman of
the gang) ...The escapades were too many and too wild for most to
comprehend or me to relate in this forum ...Its the material that
Hollywood would use in one of their fraternity/Porkys revenge type

Then there was the whole after kern life of Steve and I being roomies
for a few years ...This leading to his finding my Hara Arena circle of
friends... and his eventually becoming best friends with a childhood
buddy of mine...We ended up being allot closer than I would have ever
dreamed ... I mean it just seems so strange that we were so close and
then drifted without contact ( for no apparent reason ) other than
the fact that our lives were busy... and I had changed my hangout to
an old farm house and my family about a half hour from Dayton .. The
only sad sentiment is that he did'nt get to meet my two daughters
Meghan( who is 5 yrs.old) and Marra (2yrs.old)... He loved kids so
much... I can only speculate the sparks that would have taken place
with Bull , Sam and the girls all together...His love for kids and
fun was a common bond between us ... We both extended our childhood
as long as possible...

As memory serves me...
Steve was always aware that his life was a bit fragile with his
diabetes...He knew all too well the risks he took with diet and
lifestyle... He lived with a "Go for it " attitude...You would have
dreaded ever having him as a patient...Ha! He had great zest for
living a robust life... I can mostly remember his smile and trademark
voice... We certainly had some "good times"...He knew his time may be
limited ... but he never accepted that as the rule...Looking back...
his can do attitude was infectious...He was a good fellow...


Take care...Be well..


From: Stuart Weinberg <>
Subject: cb-kern: From Pete Cade re: Bull
Date: 11/13/2001 06:20pm

From: "Fr. Peter Cade"
To: <>
Subject: RE: cb-kern: Sad News about Steve Bull...
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 17:07:41 -0600

Steve Bull was one of my closest friends through High School (Fairmont West) and College. He encourage me to apply for a Jr. staff position at YMCA Camp Kern the Summer of 1978. Together we redefined the concept of "troublesome teens." I am sure that we were secretly the subject of several sociological studies on topics such as: bad drivers under the influence of Malt Duck, the effects of 3.2% Sexton House beer on testosterone levels of young stupid males, how to steal an Oregonia Rd. sign in 60 seconds, and other adolescent dementia. I look back and wonder how Bull and I stayed out of the Warren County jail on our weekends working in the camp kitchen.

Bull and I loved and fully exploited Camp Kern. The camp gave us the memories we have now of our late teens and early 20s. Bull had been to Camp Kern for many summers before me and I couldn't figure out his fascination with bugs, dirt, little bed wetters and no air conditioning until I signed on in 1978. Camp Kern was Bull's family away from home. He loved and was loved at Camp Kern.

One weekend we were working at camp for a Christian group called "Young Life." On Friday night the scab labor, Bull and I, had to prepare and serve the snack. 150 Young Lifers were having a Bible study and prayer in the lodge. Bull and I had a disagreement in the dining hall about how to serve the snack. The disagreement developed into an altercation involving weapons. I hit him several times with a spat hula and a cookie sheet (self-defense). I thought I had him whooped until he threw me over the serving counter and dove on my back - he won. God and Young Life were oblivious to the violence going on in the next room.

It is sad to loose another dear friend from Camp Kern. Kathy Johnston, of blessed memory, was the pool director just prior to Bull and died of cancer. She was also a part of our group of friends during the late 70s early 80s. (I could tell some good stories about her, but won't.) It is sobering to be 40 years old and loose friends of similar age who should be over weight, in debt and raising families.

I sincerely thank Steve Bull for introducing me to YMCA Camp Kern, which taught me how to expand beyond the mundane, and for giving me a story book full of memories, some of which I can tell my kids and others I can't even tell my wife.

Bull, my next malt duck cocktail on the Kern Veranda is on you my dear friend!

With sincere gratitude for the life of Steve Bull,
Pete Cade
Kern Staff 1978-1981

From: Scott Lambert
Subject: Re: Welcomes, Dinner RSVPs, E-Mail Directory
Date: 10/21/2002 06:34am

Hi Stuart and Friends of Kern,
I was thinking back on my memories of Steve Bull, and have to admit it is hard not to laugh just thinking about some of the things he would do.
The thing that stands out to me is when I first came to Camp Kern as a counselor, I came in a week early for maintenance week and was paired up with Bull. It couldn't have set the tone better for letting loose a bit and having fun, which I think had a huge impact on my three summers at Kern as a counselor.
In that first week, I learned that you could make it from Kettering to Camp Kern in about 10 minutes taking the back roads with Bull driving (and I also saw my 18 years pass before my eyes a couple of times on that journey, but I still use that shortcut on the occasions I get back to Dayton), that working with my hiking boots on the wrong foot all day was possible (even though making a good first impression to Kent Barnheiser did take a hit), that there really was some good stuff in kitchen if you knew where to look at 2 in the morning, and most of all, that Camp Kern was a place you could certainly learn to let go and have an awful lot of fun if you didn't take yourself to seriously.
If Bull couldn't make you laugh, I don't think anyone could...
Scott Lambert

From: "Debbie Bushhouse-Traut"
Subject: Steve's death
Date: 10/24/2002 01:46am

Being a newly rediscovered "Kernie", I had to immediately read up on people and look up Kern alumni.  Of course I was shocked about Steve Bull's death.  Steve lived life to the fullest (I suppose grabbed life by the ba_ _ s is more like it).  My memories of Steve are a series of snapshots in my brain......
Being one of the only lifeguards on duty when the Young Lifer girls were swimming (boys couldn't be at the pool at the same time as the girls) while Steve had to sit in the guard's office and "lifeguard" during free swims.  Remember all the sheets hung up on the pool fence?  I also remember an event where Steve turned one of the pool storage rooms into a haunted house, I think, and to add to the effect, as you went through, he threw diatomaceous earth in the air.
While taking senior lifesaving, I had to rescue Steve from the bottom of the pool (he was the victim), but he fought so hard, kicking and thrashing, that when I was done I felt like the victim. 
He will be missed.........
--- Debbie Bushhouse-Traut
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From: "Konves, Beth A"
Date: 10/24/2002 03:47pm


It is hard to believe it's been a year since (Steve) Bull passed away. I used to run into him occasionally at the Dayton airport when I traveled on business, and always looked for him, hoping to see a friendly Kern face, I still do somehow.

I thought I'd send along a couple of Kern pictures, perhaps you've got a way to share. I grin just thinking about the one of Nurse Bull (with Rob Stahl) [picture]. The other is Bull playing deputy to Pete Cade's "Sheriff Roy Wallace" at the 1980 "Pimps & Barbs" [picture]. And one of yourself, just for giggles.


Beth Ann (Bethel) Konves