From: "Rich Sucher" <>
Subject: Update and rare find
Date: 06/27/2002 01:34pm


... I was helping clear out my great aunt's apartment, as she recently moved into a nursing home. I ran across a post card, postmarked Lebanon, Ohio July 26, 1929. The post card is a letter from my great uncle, John Zarka, to his mother while he was at Camp Kern. The front of the post card is a picture of "The Dining Lodge at YMCA Camp Kern, Fort Ancient, O." If you have space, I've attached a couple of scans of the post card, and I will bring it to the alumni tent when we are there in July.

John was instrumental in talking my parents into sending me to CK as a kid. Although it's been nearly 12 years now since he died, I still remember the fond way he recalled his near-Ozone-era experiences at CK.

- Rich Sucher

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