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Friends of Kern, Inc. was established as a non-profit charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to maintaining contact with friends and alumni of YMCA Camp Kern, preserving Camp Ozone & Camp Kern's history, and perpetuating the camp experience and life's work of former Boys' Secretary Carl B. Kern.
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Subject: Weekend Wrapup
Date: 05/20/2002 02:43pm

Hello everyone -

First, happy birthday to Mark Schaefer and Erin Crosby(!)

Well, it was quite the weekend. Here's a report from Trow on the big river trip:

- - - -

A big hello to all. Our trip on sat went great. The water was up about 3-4 feet and moving at a strong pace. Our group included (in no special order), Moran, Jim Viles, Mark Griffen, Shelly Snyder (in from WY), Brian Stewart (Camp Piomingo alumni), Karri Trowbridge and yours truly. Everyone stayed dry except for Brian who couldn't stop himself from feeling just how cold the water was. Shelly and Karri got to expand their kayaking skills (thanks Jennifer for the loan of the skirt and boat, they fit beautifully), while Jim, Mark and Moran enjoyed some fine cigars. The trip took about three hours with stops along the way to trade boats and see the WV buses (around 27 of them) and have a friendly chat with Baker. Everyone was well prepared
for the cold water and we all look forward to the next time. The beer
tasting was great and out of the 10 samples, I'd have to say I liked them all. Thanks to all that made the trip and thanks to all that sent us well wishes. Keep you eyes open for the next trip. Hope everyone at the concert had a cool time. Peace Trow

- - - -

Up in Dayton, John Neff and Martha Taylor hosted a great reception at their house. Nancy (Woods) Nichols was slaving away in the kitchen keeping us all well fed, and Neffer was sharing plenty of old photos which were only mildly embarrassing (except for the one of Dale Stahl in the buff on of their out-trips). Steve Kline, Cheryl Arnold Estes (from North Carolina), Molly Whitney Grant, Craig Jolley, and of course Kim Richey and Doug Greenfield were also at the reception, and sometime soon the "staff photo" that was taken will surface on the web.... Current Kern folks including Jeff and Amy Merhige and Loretta Deters were also there (and one of their O.E. staff whose name escapes me, plus one of Amy's fellow Ranch staffers), and Board Member Paul Sacksteder and many spouses and other guests, along with Kim's parents.

And there were other alums waiting for us at Gilly's, including Jay Sieber and Amy Root DiMario. "Tommy T" Shisler arrived, Jim Viles came up from the river trip, and Rich Whitney came in a bit later. Anybody else there that I missed?

Doug Greenfield and the Banana Slug String Band started the show at 9:00 PM. A few of us were kinda wondering how this band - which usually plays to children and teachers and school groups about environmental issues - was going to handle a nightclub gig (its first in its 16 years!) to a crowd many of whom were *not* camp people... But wouldn't ya know it if Dougie (dressed up in costume) and the Slugs didn't have the entire place up on its feet, singing and dancing about "evaporation, condensation, and precipitation". And everyone was having a great time.

Kim, wearing a new Camp Kern shirt given to her by Jeff Merhige at the reception, joined Doug on stage to fulfill a John Neff request -"Milk Shakin' Mama" by Dan Hicks.

Kim and her backup guitarist then sang a lot of new songs, told some stories, and interacted with the crowd in a very informal atmosphere. When it came time to start wrapping things up, she said, "Now this is the time where we would normally leave and you'd all clap and hope that we'd come back for an encore and then we'd come back and play some more songs that we'd already prepared. Well, we're going to just skip all that and go ahead and play the encore, and then we can all go home"(!).

After the concert, as the folks at Gilly's were cleaning up, a lot of Kern folks including Kim and Doug were still mulling around and chatting. By around 12:30 AM, many had said their goodbyes and headed back home.

At some point we'll probably get the final figures from Kern on how much money was raised, but Saturday night it was the value of rekindling old friendships that seemed to matter the most.

- - - -

Anyone else who wants to offer comments on either the river trip or the concert, please feel free (send to

- Stuart